Inspiring Living with Mark Candelaria

Integrity and Intention with Interior Designer Anita Lang

May 11, 2020 Mark Candelaria Season 1 Episode 40
Inspiring Living with Mark Candelaria
Integrity and Intention with Interior Designer Anita Lang
Show Notes

Our guest on this episode is Arizona interior designer Anita Lang, founder of IMI Design. Mark and Anita have known each other for nearly 20 years as they have worked on a number of amazing homes together, including one they are just breaking ground on. They discuss much more than work and design however, delving into spirituality, being a single mother and business owner, travel, and sustainability in design. 

Anita founded IMI Design back in 1992 based on the principle that great design elevates the human spirit. Her and her team design spaces that attract and inspire an elite, national clientele.  Since 1992, focus on impactful, client-focused design lead to IMI’s recognition and respect within the Southwest’s top tier of interior design firms. IMI believes that each project deserves passion for excellence, a unique approach for innovative solutions, and commitment to design integrity. Often described as smart design as well as beautiful, IMI Design is based in practical and innovative lifestyle solutions, believing luxury is based in ease and comfort.

In 2015, Anita launched her own sustainable furniture line, Design 528, utilizing ethical and sustainable harvesting of materials and design practices. The line embodies the attributes of love, truth and beauty in unequalled heirloom pieces of lifestyle artwork. 

In 2007 Anita created the nonprofit Inspire Foundation, to share the power and creativity of design with the community, especially those of distressed women and children. 

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