Inspiring Living with Mark Candelaria

Bringing the Bling to Living with Scott & Marla Berger

February 24, 2020 Mark Candelaria Season 1 Episode 29
Inspiring Living with Mark Candelaria
Bringing the Bling to Living with Scott & Marla Berger
Show Notes

Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry and the expertise behind the term “DesignThat Defines” built the name recognition and reputation over many years, setting trends in these era’s. 

Owner and designer of Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, Scott Berger and his wife Marla speak about their story from their start and some of the many exciting things they have going on now that have spread across the world all starting from their creations in their Scottsdale studio and store. 

Scott personally consults with every client on each piece of jewelry that Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry produces, from the initial concept to the final result. Based on the chosen stone and the client’s initial concept, Scott creates the design and works with his craftsmen to forge every piece of jewelry entirely in-house from start to finish. 

His keen artistic sensibilities and appreciation for grace and style eventually led Berger to create his first piece of jewelry over 27 years ago, an engagement ring for his wife, Marla.

In 2004 Scott and Marla Berger opened the business, Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry. Since that time, Addison Taylor has become synonymous with luxury and quality in Scottsdale, AZ. Every piece is unique and handmade for the client. Berger’s appreciation for shape, color and form, and his skill as a jeweler ensures that every piece is a work of art.

Father to 4. The business is named after Addison, Berger’s daughter, who was the only daughter at the time the doors opened.

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